Case Electrochemical Capacitor Fabrication Facility

Created through a Third Frontier Grant from the Ohio Department of Development, the Case Electrochemical Capacitor Fabrication Facility (CECFF) at Case Western Reserve University is a state-of-the-art facility developed to facilitate performance evaluations and durability studies of new materials and designs for electric double layer capacitors using commercially relevant processes.

Devices Fabricated

  • Sealed electrochemical capacitors of 22450 format of nominal 100 F size
  • Non-aqueous electrolyte capability with aluminum foil current collectors
  • Standard materials or new materials (carbons, binders, additives, aluminum foil, electrolytes)


  • Incorporates commercially relevant processes
  • Rapid prototyping up to forty or more capacitor cells per week
  • Supported by electrochemical consulting, testing and training expertise
  • Available for industrial and university use and collaboration
  • Flexible use arrangements

CECFF Overview

CECFF Abstract

The CECFF schedule of pricing

Electrode Preparation

Knife Roll Coating

Bobbin Winding

Inert Atmosphere Electrolyte Addition and Cell Sealing

22450 size 100F 2.7V EDLC

For more information, please contact:

Robert Savinell, PhD

John Miller, PhD
JME, Inc.
Research Professor

Mirko Antloga