Electronics Design Center

The Electronics Design Center (EDC) is a world-renowned research center specializing in the development of microsensors and microsystems.  The Electronics Design Center dedicates itself to the facilitation of technology transfer between a university and an industrial environment.  The EDC is not only a research center but also a fully equipped microfabrication laboratory. We specialize in small, prototyping runs of devices or can provide a service on a device that you already possess. One of our unique strengths is applying microfabrication processes to non-silicon, non-traditional materials.

The EDC provides services to the university community and external customers such as:

  • metal sputtering including Pt, Au, Ag, Ir, Pd, W and others
  • insulator sputtering including SiO2, SiC, BN, Al2O3
  • wafer dicing
  • thick film printing
  • 4 point probe measurements
  • laser cutting of plastics  

For more information please contact the center's director:

Dr. Chung-Chiun Liu, FRSC
Wallace R. Persons Professor of Sensor Technology & Control

Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Electronics Design Center

For more details, download the EDC Brochure

The Electronics Design Center is one of many CWRU's professional Core Facilities which offer high end equipment and resources to enable cutting-edge science, engineering, medical research and education. Facility staff are highly trained experts who provide technical expertise, service, consultation, and training. For more information download the Core Facilities Brochure