Using the EDC

Close up of tweezers assembling a circuit board
The Electronics Design Center (EDC) at Case School of Engineering is located in the Bingham Building on the Case Western Reserve University engineering quad. The EDC is a cost center, a centralized shared research resource that provides access to instruments, technologies and services. Its services are available both to the internal CWRU community and to external organizations. 

To use the facility or request services, you will need an iLab account. Instructions for obtaining an iLab account are given below. The university's iLab system is the means by which you arrange for online reservation of instruments and initiate the process of requesting services or technical expertise.

Safety Exam

In order to become an EDC lab user, you will first need to pass the Department of Environmental Health and Safety’s laboratory safety test. Information about lab safety training can be found on CWRU's Environmental Health and Safety website.


All scheduling is done through the Agilent iLab Portal. Instructions for creating a CWRU user account are provided below. External users need to fill out an online form to obtain a CWRU iLab account.

iLab Registration

Internal users from CWRU can register through the iLab Portal

Instructions for Creating an Account

  • In the top right, find the blue button that says “Sign In.”
  • Register with your CWRU ID and password. 
  • Your PI and department administrator will receive an email asking to confirm that you belong to the PI’s lab and to assign a SpeedType for lab time.


Internal rates for using the Electronics Design Center: 

  • Photolithography CleanRoom Usage is $54/hour.
  • Sputtering Machine Deposition charge is $60/hour plus material charge.
  • Laser Cutter charge is $15/hour.
  • Wafer Dicing Machine charge is $31/hour plus supplies.
  • Engineer time is $65/hour. 

For material costs or pricing of a particular project, please contact Laurie Dudik at

External rates are the same as internal rates plus the current CWRU overhead rate.