Advisory Board

Great Lakes Energy Institute understands the importance of strategic leadership and relies on the expertise of the high level executives that comprise our Advisory Board. Led by GGIC Ltd. CEO and Case Western Reserve alumnus Thomas Tribone ('74), the Board meets quarterly to provide assistance and guidance to the Institute as it enables the transition to advanced sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and utilization, through coordinated research, development and education.

The Great Lakes Energy Institute Advisory Board is comprised of internal and external stakeholders: current and retired top executives and researchers offering expertise in multiple alternative energy sectors. You can learn more about each of our Board members by clicking on their name below.

Board Members

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    Bob Savinell

    George S. Dively Professor in Engineering
    Distinguished University Professor
    Professor, Chemical Engineering

    Develops high-performance electrochemical energy conversion and storage technologies through fundamental and applied studies of interfacial and transport processes

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    Ali Ahmed

    Vice Chairman, Founder and Principal, Green Strategies, LLC

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    Suresh Baskaran

    Chief Science and Technology Officer for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Energy and Environment Directorate

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    Michele Jones

    Director, Product Innovation & Development for FirstEnergy Service Company

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    Norman Peterson

    Director of Government Relations, Argonne National Laboratory

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    Richard Raines

    Director, Electrical and Electronic Systems Research Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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    Jun Shin

    Senior Business Development Manager, Elevate Energy/Battery

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    Jim Taylor

    Vice President Energy Solutions, Siemens Energy Management

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    Thomas Tribone

    Chairman, Great Lakes Energy Institute and Founder, CEO, Guggenheim Global Infrastructure Company

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    William Tumas

    Associate Laboratory Director, Materials and Chemical Science and Technology

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    Cung Vu

    Former Director, Geosciences and Reservoir Engineering R&D and Chief Geophysicist, Exploration Manager and General Manager of Business Development. 

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    Joel Zipp

    Former attorney, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of General Counsel and Assistant Director, Office of Enforcement

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    Mike Koralewski

    Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing for First Solar, Inc

Additionally, the Great Lakes Energy Institute would like to thank the following Advisory Board Alumni who have contributed their knowledge, service and support to ensure our ongoing success. 

Board Alumni

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    Alexis Abramson

    Milton and Tamar Maltz Professor of Energy Innovation
    Director, Great Lakes Energy Institute

    Uncovers innovative solutions in energy, including smart materials for thermal management and software for virtual building efficiency audits

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    Walter J. Culver

    Dr. Walter J. Culver is Founding Member Emeritus of the Great Lakes Energy Institute Advisory Board at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), and formerly its board chairman. He is also a member of the Visiting Committee of the School of Engineering of CWRU. He enjoyed a 40-year career in industry, first as a lead technologist and mathematician on NASA and DoD programs, and later as one of a few hundred of the nation’s senior executives who defined how to deliver information technology to enable complex, end-to-end systems. Dr. Culver founded and ran a number of large corporate organizations to build and deploy such systems. In energy modernization he was lead author with M. Hong for “Decline of Coal—Driven by Policy or Technology?”, The Electricity Journal, Sept. 2016, and authored “High-Value Energy Storage for the Grid: A Multi-Dimensional Look,” The Electricity Journal, Dec. 2010. He was supporting coauthor with J. Mellentine and R. Savinell, "Simulation and Optimization of a Flow Battery in an Area Regulation Application," J. of Applied Electrochemistry, October 2011; with M. Hong and K. Loparo, “Towards a More Reliable and Efficient Electric Distribution System,” IEEE EnergyTech Conference, Cleveland, OH, May 21-23, 2013; and with them for “Optimal Control of Backup Generation in a Campus Microgrid,” IEEE EnergyTech 2014 & AIAA Propulsion and Energy Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, July 28-30, 2014.

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    Robert Busch

    Chairman of the Board, New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority

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    Eileen Buzzelli

    Director of FirstEnergy Technologies, FirstEnergy Service Company

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    Ross Guttromson

    Manager, Sandia National Laboratories’ Energy Storage and Transmission Analysis Department

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    Joseph Keithley

    Former Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Keithley Instruments, Inc.

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    Carl Podwoski

    Former partner, Newton Falls Fine Paper Company LLC

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    Robert Riley

    Chair, Williams Mullen law firm’s Energy Practice Group 

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    Roger Saillant

    Former Executive Director, Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University

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    Peter Shulman

    Teacher of history of technology, energy and the environment, historical methods, and contemporary history

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    James Thorp

    Hugh P. and Ethel C. Kelly Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech