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Engineer uses Apreo Electron Microscope

In the sections below, users can find important information about training protocols, how to schedule service/projects via iLab, and the current rates in the Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials (SCSAM) at Case Western Reserve University.

Training Protocols

The following SCSAM instrument training protocols have been established with significant input from the engineers. The objective is to maximize the efficiency of the one-on-one training sessions. The training for all machines is an individualized, multi-step process. This includes a virtual, independent component where the user does the work to teach themselves the basics of microscopy.

SCSAM instrument training protocols

The training protocols are subject to change, and you should come back to the website regularly to check during your training process.

Instruments Available for Training (engineer contact's name in parentheses)

Analytical Equipment 

  • XPS (Kim)
  • TOF-SIMS (Kim)
  • Auger (Kim)


  • Apreo SEM (Karakulak Uz)
  • Helios SEM/FIB (Karakulak Uz)
  • Optical Microscopy - Keyence (Hoven)
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (Hoven)

Structure, Properties, and Sample Prep

  • Nanoindenter (Hoven)
  • Ion Polisher (Hoven)
  • Sputter Coater (Karakulak Uz)


All scheduling is done through the Agilent iLab portal. Instructions for creating a CWRU user account is provided below:

iLab Registration

Internal users from Case Western University can register through the iLab portal.

Creating an Account

  1. In the top right, there's a blue button that says "Sign In”.
  2. Register with your CWRU ID and password. 
  3. Your PI and department admin will receive an email asking to confirm that you are in their lab and to assign a SpeedType for lab time.

Submitting a Service/Project Request

Each project (scope defined by the user) starts with a service request (click here). This could be for an entire funded program and last for five years, or be narrow in scope for a few samples.


Cancellations must be communicated 24 hours in advance of the time booked. 

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be assessed a charge of no less than 50% of the time booked.

Rates are subject to change to accommodate changes in operational costs, to include but not limited to inflation.

Both internal and external clients  are charged the hourly engineer time during training sessions. This incentivizes new users to come to training sessions prepared, following the prework protocols on the “Training Protocol” page. Once a user completes the training protocols and is deemed a trained, independent user, they are no longer charged the hourly engineer time.


 Academic (CRWU) 

 External Non-profit 






FEI Helios-FIB/SEM 80 130 280
PHI Auger 80 130 280
PHI XPS 80 130 280
PHI TOF-SIMS 80 130 280
Thermo Apreo  50 80 175
Bruker XRD 50 80 175
AFM 50 80 175
Nandoindenter 50 80 175
Sputter Coating 30 50 105
Ion Polisher 30 50 105
Keyence 30 50 105
Sample Prep 60 120 240
Data Analysis 50 100 200
Engineer Time 25 50 100