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Bruker Discover D8 with VÅNTEC-500 solid state detector

The Bruker Discover D8 X-ray diffractometer has a monochromated X-ray source (normally used with a Co K-alpha X-ray tube), configured in point focus mode.  X-ray collimators are available for spot sizes from 200µm to 800µm, with 500µm typical.   A four circle Huber goniometer is equipped with an XYZ stage and a laser video system to allow precision alignment of samples.  Due to the small spot size of the incident X-rays and the precision alignment, small samples sizes can be evaluated and much higher degree of spatial resolution can be achieved when compared to conventional X-ray diffraction.

The 2D VÅNTEC-500 solid state detector allows a wide range of XRD techniques to be executed in short time frames.  The 2D detector has a high sensitivity and is very useful for detecting trace phases that might be missed by a conventional diffractometer.  In addition, the 2D detector allows rapid measurements of both stress and texture in a wide variety of materials. 

Software includes Diffrac.EVA for phase identification with the ICDD database and Diffac.LEPTOS for stress measurement.