Humanitarian Design Corps

In Costa Rica, we are working on a sustainable water system:

Students dig a ditch in Costa Rica

Las Pilas is a small community of 250 people 4 kilometers from the Pacific Coast in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Currently, the community faces major infrastructure challenges with regards to its water system. A pipeline that connects the community’s well to a water storage tank leaks frequently, contributing to water shortages. Furthermore, rising temperatures in the region have led to longer and more severe droughts in recent years. In the summer months, the community’s well often dries up leaving the people without water for months on end. The aim of this multi-phase project is to ensure that the residents of Las Pilas have a reliable and sediment-free source of potable water. HDC hopes to improve infrastructure in Las Pilas while also implementing sustainable water management practices.

In Malawi we are working on a Solar Installation Project with Kasungu National Park:

Students work on a solar intallation in Malawi
The Humanitarian Design Corps team at Case Western Reserve University has partnered with the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife to install solar electric lighting at the Education Hostel at Kasungu National Park (KNP). Education and community engagement are essential for the conservation of protected lands and wildlife. Electricity to power lights and video projection and to charge computers and phones will make the site much more useful and inviting for staff and visitors.  The goal of this project is to design and install a solar system to power the entire site.