For Faculty

Kurt Rhoads during an outreach trip

Much of the work of the Center for Engineering Action focuses on supporting student organizations that involve travel to communities in low and middle income countries. While these trips are uniquely rewarding and memorable experiences for all, we recognize the intense commitment on the part of faculty mentoring these teams. We aim to increase the number of faculty involved in these programs since “many hands makes light the work.”

If you are interested in learning more about an opportunity to mentor a team, want to propose a new project, or wish to tell us about what you are already doing please contact us at


I've spent most of my career as a professor delivering standard lectures on topics like thermodynamics.  Recently, I began leading international activities with students -- courses, research and design projects -- that connect engineering with life in very different cultures.  What the students learn in these activities far surpasses what they learn in a lecture hall on campus.  I feel that I am making a real impact on the students' lives.  Of course, I also learn from these activities, and they have significantly impacted my life.  

Baskaran Harihara
Dan Lacks
Chair, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering