CWRU MedWish

We are a group of Case Western Reserve University students who work with the not-for-profit organization MedWish International to repair discarded medical equipment and ship this equipment to countries in need.

CWRU Medwish Students packing up device for shipment

Going by the numbers, the $250,000 of medical devices shipped this past year continues to be a highlight. It has shown the students of CWRU MedWish their potential to accomplish extraordinary things and has provided ample motivation for this next year. Each device shipped means two lives are changed, the student and the patient.

CWRU Medwish Students with Pulse Oximeter

$20,000 in NIH grant funding has been instrumental in allowing CWRU MedWish to push limits. CWRU MedWish plans on using this funding to establish video tutorials on quick device repairs. These video tutorials will be used to assist under-resourced clinics in setting up and maintaining their medical device infrastructure. The NIH funding along with the generous CAA funding allocated will be leveraged in continuing to reach higher heights in regards to medical device output from MedWish International. 

Presenting about CWRU MedWish to the Senior Advisor of Medical Devices at the WHO, Adriana Velasquez at the 2019 E-Week dinner has offered direction and motivation to the CWRU MedWish students. Having the work validated by a medical device procurement expert from the WHO has assured the group that the work accomplished by CWRU MedWish is still quite necessary and still quite impactful.

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