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Find out about affiliated clubs and programs below. Follow the links to find out how to get involved, or contact us at to find out more about any of these programs or with new program ideas.

Humanitarian Design Corps

Through multi-disciplinary design teams working on long-term projects, we provide innovative solutions to global communities and create a more culturally aware student body. HDC design teams work on water, sanitation, renewable energy, and conservation projects internationally and locally, frequently in collaboration with the international group Engineers without Borders.

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Global Health Design Collaboration

We are undergraduate and graduate students interested in engineering, medicine, and anthropology who work in design teams to address challenging global health issues. Our Mission is to apply user-centered design methods to contextualize and solve unmet healthcare needs in low and middle-income countries. We ultimately aim to make our solutions available to those in need.

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CWRU MedWish Logo world with arrow
MedWish International is a Cleveland-based Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO).  CWRU-MedWish students help to sort, test and repair surplus medical equipment that is being donated for use in low and middle-income countries. CWRU-Medwish provides a great opportunity for hands-on experience with medical instrumentation and is open to anyone who wants to join.

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