Thank You to Advisory Board Members Carl Podwoski and Bob Busch

The Great Lake Energy Institute (GLEI) at Case Western Reserve University would like to thank Case Institute of Technology Alumni Carl Podwoski '61 and Bob Busch '68 for their faithful support, advice and guidance in serving on GLEI's Advisory Board. Following graduation from Case, both Carl and Bob built celebrated careers in the energy industry, primarily with energy utilities. For the last seven years, they provided vision and direction to the GLEI Executive Director, Faculty Director, researchers and staff.

At the advisory board meeting on May 15th, GLEI Director Dr. Alexis Abramson expressed our deep gratitude to Carl (in absentia) and Bob for their leadership as inaugural Advisory Board members, and recognized them both in their new role as "Advisory Board alumni." As alumni, they will continue to be called-upon from time to time for advice and support on topics relevant to their expertise. 

To learn more about Bob and Carl's energy-related careers, please find their biographies at