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While brave healthcare workers are on the frontline and brilliant scientists are working on a vaccine we can apply our time and talent to building the tools we all need to safely and ethically move forward, get back to work, return to normal. Case Western Reserve University is part of a global team hosting a global, virtual hackathon on April 4 - 5 and we need your help!

  • We need your Expertise. We need experts in logistics, social sciences, marketing, communication, EH&S, data analytics, R&D, customer service and more to provide insight via mentorship, live presentations or via published articles and recorded presentations.
  • We need project ideas and passionate participants. Suggest a project or join a team. We know from experience when teams are diverse and inclusive we get better results.
  • We need funding to help ensure the best ideas move forward. Each team will be presenting their ideas and prototypes towards the close of the hackathon. Given the global reach of our teams, each pitch will be recorded. Judging will take place the following week. Top teams will be awarded funding for further development of their app. We're asking you to consider at $5K for sponsors and $10K for investors. Both sponsors and investors will get recognized on our website and in press releases. As an investor, you'll also have a seat at the judging table.

Hack from Home has been organized by Weatherhead's xLab together with HAT-LAB and the Cleveland Clinic in partnership with NHSX, WMG University of Warwick, University of Surrey, University of Exeter, the Ethical Tech Alliance, Samsung Medical Center, AITRICS, the Yonsei University Health Systems, Hanwha and Asan Medical Center, one of Korea's most prominent healthcare centers. Our goal is to build 20-25 prototype apps; tools to help us leverage data to build the granular insights we need as individuals to stay safe, be healthy and move forward.

Hack from Home isn't really about writing code, it's about the human need for safety, community, and health. Writing code is how our great ideas become useful tools for all of us. Hack from home is unique in several ways.  It's...

  • 100% virtual with 500+ participants expected
  • Global. We have amazing professionals and academics joining the effort
  • Human-centric.  It's about developing new tools to get us back to work, back to normal faster.
  • Forward-looking.  It's not about COVID-19.  It's about learning and resilience.
  • Putting ethics front and center.  We need to share data but also need a plan to protect individual privacy.

Register for the Hack from Home now!