On this page you will find think[box] General, Safety and Access, K-12, and Purchase policies. 

General Policies

  • Public Access: We are a free and public access facility.
  • Intellectual Property: We make no claim to the intellectual property of the individuals who use the facility.
  • Document Sharing: Sears think[box] encourages other facilities to adapt our documentation to suit their needs. Please send an email notification to thinkbox@case.edu and attribute Sears think[box] if you use, adapt, or modify any portion of our documents and/or content.
  • Prototype Here, Manufacture Elsewhere: Sears think[box] encourages the development of  entrepreneurial products and services but we are not a production facility. Manufacturing more than 10 of an item at think[box] is prohibited. If you are unsure whether your project would violate this policy, please send an inquiry to thinkbox@case.edu with the details of your project. We are happy to help you find professional manufacturing resources when your enterprise is ready to grow beyond our facility.
  • Weapons and Tools of Vandalism are Banned: University policy prohibits the production of weapons, weapon-like items, weapon accessories, weapon parts, ammunition, and tools of vandalism. If you are unsure whether your project would violate this policy, please send an inquiry to thinkbox@case.edu with the details of your project.
  • Clean Up After Yourself: We provide a shared workspace, but each individual is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Cleaning supplies are available throughout the building and upon request. Please speak with a think[box] staff member if you require assistance.
  • Consequences for Policy Violations: Access to think[box] is a privilege and not a right. All policies are posted on our website and users are responsible for learning and following the policies. Violation of lab policies, knowingly or unknowingly, will result in consequences equivalent to the severity of the violation as decided by think[box] full-time staff and may include ejection from the facility, banishment, and legal action.

Safety and Access Policies

  • Access levels: All think[box] equipment and tools are categorized as follows:
    • Access Level 1: No Special Instructions - Equipment that provides no risk and for which there are no instructions provided. For example, computers and printers.
    • Access Level 2: Submit Your Job Online - Equipment that is run by think[box] staff as a service. For example, 3D Printing Services, and PCB Routing Services.
    • Access Level 3: Follow Online Tutorials - Equipment that requires instruction to use safely and properly as documented on the think[box] website. For example, laser cutters, and the vinyl cutter.
    • Access Level 4: Follow Standard Operating Procedures - Equipment, generally sharp or powered hand tools, that may cause minor injuries if used improperly. Consult with think[box] staff for instruction. For example, power drills and handsaws. 
    • Access Level 5: Attend Training or Operate Under Supervision - Equipment, generally stationary machine tools, that may cause major injuries if used improperly. Training and certification may be scheduled online or think[box] staff may be consulted to supervise use. For example, mills and lathes. 
  • Ability Badges: Ability Badges must be worn to access to Floor 4 resources. Ability Badge Trainings are available upon request on Floor 4 and take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Ability Badge Trainings will include instruction on proper apparel and machine shop policy, a machine shop access agreement, and a brief tour of the facility.
  • Shop Dress Code: Obey think[box] staff and posted Proper Apparel instructions to ensure safety in machine shop environments. 
  • Safety Data Sheets: You have a right to know about the safety of the materials you use. SDS information for stocked materials can be found in the “Right To Know” center near the Floor 3 front door.

K-12 Policies

  • K-12 Waiver and Release Forms: All minors (persons under 18 years) must have a signed K-12 Waiver and Release Form filled out by a parent or guardian on file to work in think[box] as it is a workshop facility with many potential hazards. Please note, the form is not required for minors who will only be receiving a tour of the facility.
  • Ages: Minors will be granted differing privileges based on age. Please note that children 13 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • 0-4 years: May not use any think[box] resources or visit Floor 4. Must be within arms length of a parent or guardian at all times.
    • 5-7 years: May not use think[box] resources without supervision or visit Floor 4. Must have an adult supervisor present at all times.
    • 8-13 years: May not use think[box] resources without supervision or visit Floor 4. Must have an adult supervisor present at all times.
    • 14-17 years: May use any think[box] resource. Does not need an adult supervisor, but must present a non-expired ID upon arrival (i.e. drivers license, state ID, passport, school ID or library card).
  • Groups: The following policies apply for any group of minors in think[box].
    • Size: Any institution or outside organization may bring one (1) group of up to five (5) minors at one time to work in think[box]. Requests for larger or more numerous groups must be sent at least one week in advance to thinkbox@case.edu and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Supervision: An adult supervisor must remain present with the group at all times actively monitoring the group.
    • Forms: The group organizer must distribute, collect, and submit K-12 Waiver and Release forms upon arrival for each participant. Group members without a signed form will not be permitted to participate.

Purchase Policies

  • Payment: All supplies and services must be paid for before the material in question leaves think[box]. The following methods of payment are accepted at think[box]:
    • Cash
    • Check - Make payable to "Case Western Reserve University"
    • Credit and Debit
    • CaseCash
    • Speedtype - May not be used for purchases less than $10.
    • Account - Contact thinkbox@case.edu for information regarding Accounts.
  • Returns, Refunds, and Errors
    • Supplies that are unused, unopened, and/or undamaged may be returned for a complete refund.
    • In the event that think[box] supplies or services are defective or produce defective results notify think[box] Staff or Student Workers who will assess the situation.
      • If think[box] is found to be responsible for the defective result (i.e. equipment malfunction, warped materials) the supplies or services in question are eligible for refund or replacement. Defective results must be returned to think[box] for refund or replacement, otherwise they must still be paid for before leaving the facility.
      • If think[box] is not found to be responsible for the defective result (i.e. failure to follow instructions, design inconsistent with equipment specifications) the services or supplies in question are not eligible for refund or replacement and they must still be paid for.
  • Quotes: Quotes will not be provided for think[box] supplies and services.