Meet the Sears think[box] Team

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Jim McGuffin-Cawley

Arthur S. Holden Professor of Engineering
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Develops new methodologies for material processing, characterizes processing-property relationships, studies high-temperature diffusion and solid-state reactions, fosters industry-university relationships

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Larry Sears

Case Western Reserve Trustee and Lecturer, Sears think[box]

Advocates for Sears think[box] as an educational and innovation resource

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Ian Charnas

Director of Innovation and Technology, Sears think[box]

Develops strategic partnerships with faculty and alumni at think[box]

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Ruth D’Emilia

Department Administrator, Sears think[box]

Oversees think[box] financial and administrative functions

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Raymond Krajci

Operations Engineering Manager, Sears think[box]

Manages operations team at think[box].

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Tiffany McNamara

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Sears think[box]

Leads efforts to develop and grow partnerships at Sears think[box] 

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Ainsley Buckner

Director of Prototyping, Art, & Community Engagement, Sears think[box]

Coordinates resources, programming, and outreach to the local community

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Jason Bradshaw

Director of Design and Manufacturing, Sears think[box]

Provides design for manufacturing expertise at think[box]

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Manny Bansal

Design and Manufacturing Engineer, Sears think[box]

Provides design for manufacturing expertise at think[box]

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Richard Graham

Coordinator, Sears think[box]

Coordinates programming and events for Sears think[box]