CWRU student makes Forbes "30 Under 30" list

The native of Mexico City started his own company, FGC Plasma Solutions, in 2013 to bring to market a device that shoots a precise amount of plasma into jet engine fuel. What started as a high school science fair project is now a patent-pending technology that could lead to a 10 percent decrease in fuel consumption, resulting in reduced emissions and operating costs. Over the past year, he’s been testing his work at Cleveland’s NASA Glenn Research Center.

Last spring, Gomez del Campo was recognized by President Obama at the White House Emerging Global Entrepreneurs Event. 

The event brings together rising entrepreneurs around the world to galvanize global attention to women and young entrepreneurs, who focus on finding innovative solutions to the world's toughest challenges. Speakers at the event include five entrepreneurs from around the world and from various U.S. government programs, cast members of ABC's TV series Shark Tank and other organizations.

He’s spent the last two years taking his patent-pending product on the road—meeting with engine manufacturers and combustion research scientists at NASA to pitch the project as well as making the rounds in local and national business competitions. He took the top prize in the university’s Spartan Challenge in 2014 and took home $100,000 in two separate prizes from the U.S. Department of Energy and Boeing at this year’s Clean Energy Challenge, sponsored by the Clean Energy Trust in Chicago.

Coverage of the event can be found here.

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