Materials For Energy Conversion and Storage

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From materials discovery to optimizing the performance and manufacturing of energy-active devices and supporting materials, our research is leading the field of materials for energy. We’re advancing the materials used for photovoltaics for enhanced lifetime performance, developing new thin films, optimizing the way solar power is concentrated, advancing energy storage needs with improvements to Lithium ion and flow batteries, enhancing the reliability of fuel cells, developing ceramic materials for improved energy efficiency, updating the use of natural gas for energy-efficient systems, advancing fabrication techniques to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles, leveraging the properties of new materials such as magnets for their potential role in energy devices, and more.

We’re also incorporating modern data analytical tools to improve the energy efficiency, sustainability and functionality of all the materials systems embedded in modern living. We’re assessing the abilities of materials designed to convert energy, and making structural materials more capable of functioning in extreme environments such as on wind turbines and in nuclear reactors. From the specifics of one material used in one energy device to the whole power generation system, we’re engaged in the full spectrum of materials energy advancements.

Institutes, centers and labs related to Materials For Energy Conversion and Storage

Electro-ceramics Group

Applies materials technology to real-life applications and develops new materials for extreme environmental conditions.

Solar Panel and Sunflower

SDLE Research Center

Studies solar photovoltaic and other outdoor exposed technologies using degradation science, data science and analytics.


Mesoscale Science Lab

Creates experimental techniques to develop a physical understanding of processing-structure-property relationships of crystalline and amorphous materials

Microstructure imaging

Frank Ernst Research Group

Researches alloy surface engineering, plated metallization, metal-oxide interfaces and materials for fuel cells, photovoltaics, and nanotechnology

Faculty who conduct research in Materials For Energy Conversion and Storage

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Laura Bruckman

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Develops predictive lifetime models for materials degradation related to stress conditions and induced degradation mechanisms evaluated by quantitative spectroscopic characterization of materials

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Jennifer Carter

Faculty Director, SCSAM
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

deformation mechanisms of metals and metal-matrix composites; fatigue, fracture, and creep; failure analysis; electron microscopy; 3D microscopy; novel methodologies for multi-scale material characterization; data science and analytics; open science

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Mark De Guire

Professor Emeritus, Materials Science and Engineering

Analyzes performance of ceramics in energy applications, including fuel cells and oxygen transport membranes

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Frank Ernst

Department Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
Leonard Case Jr. Professor of Engineering
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Studies and engineers microstructures, interfaces and surfaces of metallic materials by novel methods of processing and microcharacterization<br>

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Roger French

Kyocera Professor
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Director, SDLE Research Center

Applies data science and analytics to energy and materials science research problems

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David Matthiesen

Professor Emeritus, Materials Science and Engineering
Director, Wind Energy Research and Commercialization (WERC) Center

Develops process engineering solutions for the manufacturing of new magnetic materials

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Alp Sehirlioglu

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Develops new materials through exploitation of interfaces to control functionality and exploration of multi-functionality for energy-related applications

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Gerhard Welsch

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Develops new processing methods and designs for energy storage and optimized materials

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Matthew Willard

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Investigates phase transformations and materials processing, especially their impact on structure and properties of materials