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Gerhard Welsch

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Develops new processing methods and designs for energy storage and optimized materials
Office: 516 White
Phone Number: (216) 368-4236

Research Interests

Design, synthesis and new processing methods to advance the state of the art and the performance of <br>- energy storage and power-providing materials<br>- lighter, stronger and mor corrosion-resistant materials for improved infrastructure, transport, civilian, biomedical and defense-related applications <br>Structural and functional materials for low and high temperatures<br>Elastic & plastic deformation, strength, performance under fatigue and creep conditions <br>Functional materials for high energy density and power - must be reliable and safely usable<br>New development in lighweight materials: <br>-through cell-composite design<br>-through selectirvely doped multi-layer design

Teaching Interests

Chemical and physical metallurgy<br>Defect-controlled properties of metals and ceramics - the role of designed structure and microstructure<br>Thermal-mechanical and conversion processing through guided phase-transformation(s)