Global Opportunities


Explore the world while advancing your studies

In today's connected world, engineers will have many opportunities to work on international projects throughout their careers. Gain valuable experience in international relations when you participate in an engineering-specific global learning program. From short-courses to full semesters to research projects and internships abroad, these opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience by expanding both your viewpoint and your skillset through classes, tours and cultural immersions. You'll also develop more cultural awareness to help you successfully compete in the international job market while allowing you to become an independent, creative problem-solver. Meet friends and colleagues to expand your network while you develop new cultural competencies.

What are you waiting for? Find the international experience that's just right for you. 

Engineering courses taught abroad

CSE students and faculty with local residents outside a traditional hut with solar panel installed

Currently, the Case School of Engineering offers four courses in different countries:

  • ENGR 200—Statics & Strength of Materials: this three-week course taught at Tianjin University in China combines coursework with other cultural experiences
  • ENGR 350U/ANTH 300-Global Health Design in Uganda: spring break course that applies social science and engineering to address global health problems in Uganda
  • EECS 342I—Global Issues, Health and Sustainability in India: this course brings together social work and health care perspectives to the understanding of technical project assessment, selection, planning and implementation in India. It also includes a short-term cross-cultural immersion.
  • ECHE 362D—Chemical Engineering Laboratory in Denmark: this summer lab is taught at the Technical University of Denmark

Tianjin University Exchange Program

skyline view of the city of Tianjin in China at sunset

Take classes in language and culture, conduct lab work with faculty and students, immerse yourself in new cultural experiences, and even participate in a company internship in China through the Tianjin University Exchange Program. Options include four to 12-week stays. 

Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3)

Case Western Reserve participates in the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3), a consortium of more than 70 U.S. and international engineering schools, which provide opportunities for students to study or undertake an internship in more than 20 countries.

Intern Abroad

Case School of Engineering participates in the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, which helps match U.S. university students majoring in technical fields with paid internships abroad. You can choose from many different kinds of positions. Most run eight to 12 weeks during the summer, but fall semester and longer-term placements are also available.

 Research Abroad

Options for collaborating on research projects internationally include opportunities in Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, China and more. Students can work with faculty directly to explore summer research opportunities, or contact the Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice to learn more.