Electronics and Micro/Nano Systems

Researcher working on electronics in a lab

Electronics may be getting smaller in size for efficiency, but our explorations in research continue to grow as we discover new innovations. We’re establishing the next generation of electronics and micro/nano systems—from implantable devices, sensoring, and nanoscale technologies.

Case Western Reserve’s state-of-the-art facilities and limitless research gives researchers the capacity to extend their work amongst different platforms. 

Our researchers developed multichannel microsystems that can detect neural action potentials in one area of the cortex to drive microstimulation of another location in the central nervous system in real time. When combined with neurobiological tools, this work can remarkably advance the neurorehabilitation field at the level of functional neurons and networks. 

Labs and Facilities

  • ECSE Undergraduate Computer Lab
  • Jennings Computer Center Lab
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Research Laboratory
  • Microfabrication Laboratory (MFL)
  • Nord Computer Laboratory
  • VLSI Design Laboratory

Faculty who conduct research in Electronics and Micro/Nano Systems

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Hossein Lavasani

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Electronics and Micro/Nano systems systems

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Grant McCallum

Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

The development of peripheral nerve interfaces, low-noise neural recording systems, and implantable biotelemetry devices.

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Pedram Mohseni

Department Chair, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
Goodrich Professorship for Engineering Innovation
Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Creates next-generation, integrated instruments for neural engineering and point-of-care (POC) health diagnostics

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Chris Zorman

Associate Dean, Research
F. Alex Nason Professorship I
Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
Director, Microfabrication Laboratory
Co-Director, APT Center

Develops materials and processing techniques for microsystems, especially for challenging applications