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Rethink Robotics Baxter robot

Integrated Robotics Institute

Using a cross-discipline approach to bring creativity, knowledge and expertise to the creation of robotic systems, with a specific focus on exploration, intelligence, movement, manufacturing and health care



In the Social and Physical Human-Robot Interaction (SaPHaRI) Lab at Case Western Reserve University’s Case School of Engineering, we focus on social and physical human-robot interaction.

Enhanced Robotic Interfaces and Experiences (ERIE) Lab

The Enhanced Robotic Interfaces and Experiences (ERIE) Lab’s mission is to develop integrated and intelligent multi-modal sensing and feedback interfaces that enable humans to control robots intuitively and effectively

Red Blood Cells

BioMicroSystems Laboratory

Develops next-generation implantable device technologies to restore human function by interfacing with the nervous system, and point-of-care monitoring platforms for personalized healthcare.

cochlea and antenna

Integrated Circuits and Sensor Physics Lab

Explores novel sensor physics and electronics to create precise, miniaturized and low-cost instrumentation that closely integrates sensing, computation and actuation.

Energy Information Dashboard

Trains newcomers on the fundamentals of wholesale electricity and futures markets, and develops the first electricity market simulator aimed at pedagogical use.


Koyuturk Group

Develops algorithms and computational solutions to problems in systems biology, computational genomics and other applications that involve complex networks.


Center for Control and Energy Systems

Develops advanced control engineering solutions for renewable energy, wind turbines, power systems, water treatment plants, radio telescopes, spacecraft and industrial applications.


Fietkiewicz Lab

Applies computational modeling to study neuroscience and develops high-performance computing and parallel programming methods for scientific applications.

Heart Rate

Galan Lab

Investigates systems biology and neuroscience, including the link between heart and brain in epilepsy, and the development of biomarkers for autism from brain activity.

Phillip Feng Portrait

Feng Research Group

Develops nanoscale devices for computing building blocks using emerging semiconductors, as well as silicon carbide materials, hardware for harsh environments, and biomedical, photonic and quantum technologies.

mechanical engineering students working on a cockroach robot

Medical Robotics and Computer Integrated Surgery Laboratory

Develops medical applications of robotics and other information technologies, specifically robotic systems for surgery and interventional medicine, human-machine interfaces, haptics, virtual reality surgical simulators and modeling and simulation of complex biological systems.