Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

The Big Deal About Big Data

According to industry reports, the United States alone will need to increase the number of its data-savvy graduates by as much as 60 percent over the next five years just to keep pace with demand for employees who can put the massive amount of data being generated by the world’s devices and systems to work. The Bachelor of Science program in data science and analytics provides students with a broad foundation in the field and the instruction, skills and experience needed to understand and handle big data and how to turn it into actionable information. The degree program has a unique focus on real-world data and real-world applications.

This major is one of the first undergraduate programs nationwide in the field. The rigorous curriculum includes mathematical modeling, informatics, data analytics, visual analytics and project-based applications—all elements of the future emerging field of data science. More specifically, you’ll explore the architecture of data science systems; the storage, processing and analysis of both structured and unstructured data; databases and querying technique; and scalable parallel data analysis. You’ll also get the chance to dive deeper into technical electives that include signal processing, data mining and machine learning.


Explore the degree requirements for the BS degree in data science and analytics, as well as course descriptions, in the university’s General Bulletin.


Minor in Data Science and Analytics

Looking to add just a dash of data into another major. The university also offers a minor in data science and analytics administered through the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The minor includes five 3-credit courses that build knowledge and skills in data science programming; inferential statistics; exploratory applied data science; applied data science research; and modeling and prognostics.

Find more information about the minor’s requirements in the university’s General Bulletin.