Peer Advising Program

CWRU STUDENTS: To receive peer advising, please visit our Campus Groups page for more information.

What We Do

Peer Advisors support all students in the Case School of Engineering by providing guidance on various topics. These include: major and minor selection, engineering course requirements, undergraduate research, post-graduation planning, experiential learning, and other campus resources. The Peer Advisors are a unique campus resource because they offer both domain-specific knowledge and a student perspective.

Who We Are

For the 2020-2021 Academic Year we are 12 Peer Advisors strong! For more information on each of the Peer Advisors, please visit our Campus Groups page

Katherine Glaess (Biomedical and Electrical Engineering)

Nathan Callithen (Biomedical Engineering)

Henrik Hahamyan (Biomedical Engineering)

Aparna Paul (Chemical Engineering)

Angela Horvat (Chemical Engineering)

Elliot Holzhauer (Civil Engineering)

Sharan Mehta (Computer Science)

Ali Sivilotti (Computer Science)

Connor Nee (Material Science and Engineering)

Marlee Dingle (Polymer Science and Engineering)

Joel Linebach (Polymer Science and Engineering)

Diana Zavela (Systems and Control Engineering)

Contact Us

The peer advisors have gone virtual! We are currently offering advising over Zoom via Walk-In hours and Appointment slots. Click here to go to Campus Groups for more information.

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