Join the Group!

There are openings in the MSL group for creative and hard-working researchers interested in the physical mechanisms governing material properties. Research in the group is primarily experimental in nature and highly interdisciplinary.
Students who have a demonstrated interest in experimental projects, and the ability to tie findings to theoretical and computational considerations, will be a good match.
A background in materials science, physics, or mechanical engineering and previous research experience is helpful.
CWRU undergraduates interested in joining the group as either Undergraduate researchers or for future graduate student participation should email Prof. Carter with a resume to set-up an interview time.
Other potential graduate students should follow the official CWRU application procedure, your application goes through the department, and then I can view it.
The MSL does not hire post-doctoral researchers. CWRU is an educational institution and the MSL is dedicated to educating degree-seeking individuals.
Due to the nature of the research in our group, it is not possible to hire researchers from countries on the Department of State list of State Sponsors of Terrorism list.