Interesting Things

This page is dedicated to interesting website links that are related to both research and education activities.

TMS Materials Cyberinfrastructure: The Portal serves as an online access point to critical tools and resources—including computational models and materials databases—that can accelerate materials innovation processes within your organization or team.

Dr. Carter's materials YouTube channel: Videos from youtube to help undergraduate and graduate students visualize materials concepts.

Virtual Microscope Training

Molecular Expressions: Optical, Polarized light, confocal, SEM, TEM imaging

MyScope: SEM, TEM, XRD, AFM, Confocal, microanalysis

EBSD: background information of theory, sample prep, and experimental set-up

Online Education Opportunities

MIT offers almost all of its courses free online for anyone. Here is the link to the courses offered in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.

ASM offers free access to its past webinar series. click here

Materials Today also offers interesting webinars. click here