Conference Presentations


  • Nora A. Shaheen, William Dean, Drace Penley, Jacob Rintamaki, Miomir B. Vukmirovic, Burcu E. Gurkan, and Rohan Akolkar, "Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Investigation of Adsorbed Nitroxide Radicals", 240th ECS Meeting, virtual, Oct 2021. 
  • Yukun Gong, Theodore Phung, and Rohan Akolkar, "Novel Electrochemical Concepts for Enabling Atomic Layer Etching of Metals", ALD 2021 21st International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, virtual, June 2021. 

  • Nora A. Shaheen, Mahesh Ijjada, Miomir B. Vukmirovic and Rohan Akolkar, "Mechanisms Underlying the Electrochemical Oxidation of Nitroxide Radicals in Ethaline Deep Eutectic Solvent", 2021 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, virtual, April 2021.


  • Mahesh Ijjada, Nora A. Shaheen, Miomir B. Vukmirovic and Rohan Akolkar, "Mechanism Underlying Electron-Transfer Reactions Involving TEMPO and 4-hydroxy-TEMPO in Deep Eutectic Solvents", PRiME 2020 - Joint International Meeting, virtual, Oct 2020. 

  • Adam Maraschky and Rohan Akolkar, "Dendritic Lithium Electrodeposition: A New Mechanistic Perspective Investigating Li+ Transport Limitations Imposed by the SEI", PRiME 2020 - Joint International Meeting, virtual, Oct 2020. 


  • Yukun Gong, Kailash Venkatraman and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Etching (e-ALE) of Copper", 236th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Oct 2019. 

  • Yukun Gong, Kailash Venkatraman and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching of Metals for Atomically-Precise Fabrication of Semiconductor Interconnects", American Vacuum Society 66th International Symposium & Exhibition, Columbus, OH, Oct 2019.

  • Katherine Steinberg, Dai Shen, Nora A. Shaheen and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Investigation of the Cu2+ → Cu1+ Reduction Reaction in Ethaline Deep Eutectic Solvent", 235th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Dallas, TX, May 2019.

  • Adam Maraschky and Rohan Akolkar, "Mechanism Explaining the Onset of Dendritic Li Electrodeposition Via Considerations of Li-Ion Transport within the SEI Layer", 235th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Dallas, TX, May 2019.


  • Kailash Venkatraman, Yukun Gong and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching of Metals for Applications in Semiconductor Nano-Manufacturing", 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2018.

  • Xinyu Liu, Kailash Venkatraman and Rohan Akolkar, "Novel Electrochemical Sensor Concept for the Detection of Lead Contamination in Drinking Water", 233rd Electrochemical Society Meeting, Seattle, WA, May 2018.


  • Dai Shen and Rohan Akolkar, "Experimental and Modeling Studies of Neodymium Electrodeposition from High-Temperature Chloride-Based Molten Salts", 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting, National Harbor, MD, Oct 2017.

  • Jacob Blickensderfer and Rohan Akolkar, "Electroless Deposition of Iron-Phosphorus on Copper: Experimental and Modeling Studies of the Critical Role of Substrate Activation by Palladium", 231st Electrochemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 2017.

  • Xinyu Liu and Rohan Akolkar, "Mechanistic Studies of Hydrogen Evolution during Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus Deposition", 231st Electrochemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 2017.

  • Rohan Akolkar, Yezdi Dordi, Aniruddha Joi, Kailash Venkatraman and Ryan Gusley, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition: Metal Deposition One Atomic Layer at a Time Enabled by Potential Pulsing & Self-Limiting Growth", 231st Electrochemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 2017.

  • Ryan Gusley, Kailash Venkatraman, Lu Yu, Yezdi Dordi and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition of Metals for Application in Semiconductor Interconnect Metallization", 41st Annual Symposium American Vacuum Society, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2017.

  • Adam Maraschky, Katherine Steinberg, Stephen Banik and Rohan Akolkar, "High-Energy Density Li-metal Batteries: Mechanistic Studies of Dendrite Formation during Li Electrodeposition", 2017 CWRU Research ShowCASE, Cleveland, OH, Apr 2017.


  • Kailash Venkatraman, Ryan Gusley, Lu Yu, Yezdi Dordi and Rohan Akolkar, "Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper Mediated By Underpotentially Deposited Zinc (For Applications in Semiconductor Interconnect Metallization)", 230th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Honolulu, HI, Oct 2016.

  • Dai Shen, Mirko Antloga, Craig Virnelson, Mark De Guire, Uziel Landau and Rohan Akolkar, "Feasibility Demonstration and Process Modeling of Titanium Electrowinning Enabled by Specialized Diaphragms", 145th Minerals, Metals and Materials Society Meeting, Nashville, TN, Feb 2016.


  •  Lu Yu and Rohan Akolkar, “Development and Characterization of Electroless Copper Deposition Processes for Next-Generation Semiconductor Interconnect Applications”, 2015 Fall AIChE Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. Nov 2015.

  • Xinyu Liu, Xun Zhan, Frank Ernst, Werner Richtering, Rohan Akolkar, “Electroless Amorphous Ni-W-P Alloys with Superior Crystallization Resistance”, 66th International Society of Electrochemistry Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 2015. 

  • Stephen J. Banik and Rohan Akolkar, “Additives for Suppressing Zinc Dendrites in Next-Generation Energy Storage Devices”, 227th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Chicago, IL, May 2015.

  • Chang-Jung Hsueh, Dai Shen, Stephen J. Banik, Mirko Antloga, Craig Virnelson, Mark De Guire, Uziel Landau and Rohan Akolkar, "Novel Titanium Electrowinning Process Using Specialized Diaphragms", 2015 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, Washington, D.C., Feb 2015.


  • Lu Yu and Rohan Akolkar, “Electroless Deposition of Cu-Mn Alloy”, 226th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, Oct 2014. 

  • Jacob Blickensderfer, Paige Altemare, Kay-Oliver Thiel, Hans-Juergen Schreier and Rohan Akolkar, "Direct Electroless Plating of Iron-Boron on Copper", 225th Electrochemical Society, Orlando, FL, May 2014. 


  •  Lu Yu, Lian Guo, Robert Preisser and Rohan Akolkar, “Mechanistic Study of Autocatalysis during Electroless Copper Deposition”, 224th Electrochemical Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Oct 2013. 

  • Stephen J. Banik and Rohan Akolkar, “Suppressing Dendrite Growth during Zinc Electrodeposition by PEG-200 Additive", 224th Electrochemical Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA, October 2013.

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