Electrochemical Materials Fabrication Laboratory

Develops novel electrochemical processes to deposit, fabricate and manipulate materials that have applications in energy storage, nano-electronics and electro-metallurgy.

We are Hiring Postdoctoral Researchers!

The Electrochemical Materials Fabrication (EMF) Laboratory in the Department of Chemical and
Biomolecular Engineering at Case Western Reserve University invites applications for a
postdoctoral researcher position to conduct innovative research in the field of electrochemistry
and electrochemical engineering. EMF lab currently has projects in the area of
electrodeposition of metals from aqueous and non-aqueous (molten salts) media for
applications ranging from nano-fabrication, energy storage, and electrometallurgy. Applicants
must have a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering or a related field, and must have
demonstrated a strong track-record of Ph.D.-level research in electrochemical-related areas.
Responsibilities of a post-doc in the EMF lab will include: conducting electrochemical
experiments, data analysis and modeling; contributing towards peer-reviewed journal
publications; collaborating with and helping mentor Ph.D. students and undergraduate
researchers; participating in technical conferences and project reporting activities; and overall
professional development towards becoming an independent researcher. Interested applicants
should submit a curriculum vitae (including two references), via email to Professor Rohan
Akolkar (rna3@case.edu).

Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland's University Circle, a square mile urban
district of cultural, medical, educational, religious, and social service institutions. The university
is comprised of 8 schools with over 11,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students.
Case Western Reserve University has a long-standing reputation in electrochemistry and
electrochemical engineering, and has a vibrant research community working on many aspects
of this field. The EMF Lab at CWRU conducts cutting-edge research in various areas: energy
storage, atomically-precise fabrication of materials, and high-temperature electrochemistry
using molten salts. Please visit our Please visit us our publications page for examples of our
recent work.

In employment, as in education, Case Western Reserve University and the EMF Lab are
committed to Inclusion, Equal Opportunity and Diversity.