Nathaniel Tomczak receives Swanger Fellowship

Nathaniel Tomczak

Nathaniel Tomczak, a PhD candidate from Chicago, Ill., was selected for this year’s Swanger Fellowship.

This is Tomczak's first year in the PhD program, but he attended CWRU as an undergraduate as well, earning his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering in May 2020.  He became interested in Materials by chance: “I took ENGR 145 as a spur-of-the-moment decision. I enjoyed the material and soon found myself enrolled within the department.”

Tomczak was first drawn to attending CWRU after hearing about the STEM programs from friends and family who attended or knew alumni.  During his time at CWRU, he is most proud of his research during his undergraduate career and working with the department to recruit new materials science engineers.  “(The department) may not be large, but it feels like a family,” said Tomczak.  “I’ve taken classes with almost every faculty member within the department and each has helped me in their own way.”

Tomczak's main scientific interests are linking the worlds of data science and materials science.  “There are large amounts of unused data sitting around, I want to change that,” he said.  His focus now is finishing his degree and he is unsure if he will pursue academia or industry after he graduates.

“I'd like to thank Dr. Lee Swanger, CWRU, as well as the Department of Materials Science and Engineering for the fellowship,” said Tomczak.  “It will definitely prove useful for furthering my goals as a graduate student.”

The Swanger Fellowship is endowed by 1968 CWRU alumnus Lee Swanger.  Students who receive the fellowship receive funding to help with easing their transition to their postgrad education, as connection and networking opportunities with Swanger himself and with students.