Matthew Willard, materials science and engineering professor, co-chairs magnetic materials conference

Matthew Willard

Matthew Willard, professor of materials science and engineering at Case Western Reserve University, helped lead the 15th Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) – International Magnetics (Intermag) Conference in January. The MMM-Intermag Conference is the world’s largest magnetic materials conference and features international science and engineering researchers. 

The 15th MMM-Intermag Conference took place in New Orleans and included over 1,250 virtual and 180 in-person presentations. Willard served as program co-chair of the conference alongside Rie Umetsu from Tohoku University’s Cooperative Research and Development Center for Advanced Materials in Japan. During the conference, Willard was an onsite session chair for hard magnetic materials. 

In addition to his role as program co-chair of the MMM-Intermag Conference, Willard has served four terms on the advisory committee and eight times as a publications editor and publications chairman for the 2010 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference. He is also a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest professional technology advancement organization. 

Access the program for the 15th MMM-Intermag Conference.