Event Photos

We are a dynamic lab group and, as such, we also like to play an integral role in the scientific community. Here you will find pictures from the recent events, conferences and meetings we participated in. 


Date Event
May 2019  235th ECS Meeting in Dallas
May 2019 2019 Graduation Ceremony
Apr 2019 Saint-Gobain Design Competition
Dec 2018  Sherry & Kailash's Farewell Party
Jun 2018 Adam's Wedding
May 2018 2018 Graduation Ceremony
Oct 2017 Jacob's Send-Off Party
Aug 2017 Summer Student Research Result Presentation
May 2017 231st ECS Meeting in New Orleans
May 2017 2017 Summer Barbecue
Mar 2017 Dr. Akolkar's Endowed Professorship Ceremony
Feb 2017 Darshika's Farewell Party
Dec 2016  Jack's Send-Off Party
Oct 2016  230th ECS Meeting in Honolulu 
Aug 2016 End of Summer Celebration
Apr 2016 Recent Graduates' Send-Off Party
Mar 2016 Congressional Showcase on Capitol Hill
Feb 2016 145th TMS Meeting in Nashville
Oct 2015 66th ISE Meeting in Taiwan
Jul 2015 Summer Picnic
May 2015 227th ECS Meeting in Chicago
Feb 2015 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
Nov 2014 EMF Lab Dinner