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Faculty Partners

SCSAM is pleased to collaborate with various department faculty to address their research needs.  University faculty is also available for consultation with all of SCSAM's clients. 

Frank Ernst, Dr. rer. nat. habil.
(University of Göttingen)
Leonard Case Jr. Professor of Engineering
Microstructure and microcharacterization, defects in crystalline materials, interface- and stress-related phenomena, surface engineering of alloys, plated metallization layers, semiconductor heterostructures, photovoltaic materials, quantitative methods of transmission electron microscopy.

William A. “Bud” Baeslack III, PhD
(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Welding, joining of materials, and titanium and aluminum metallurgy.

Jennifer W. Carter, PhD
(The Ohio State University)
Assistant Professor
Processing-structure-property relationships of crystalline and amorphous materials; development and implementation of novel multi-scale material characterization methods for correlating unique local microstructural features with particular mechanical and environmental responses in a variety of material systems.

Mark R. DeGuire, PhD
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Associate Professor
Synthesis and properties of ceramics in bulk and thin-film form, including fuel cell materials, gas sensors, coatings for biomedical applications, photovoltaics, and ferrites. Testing and microstructural characterization of materials for alternative energy applications. High-temperature phase equilibria. Defect chemistry.

Roger H. French, PhD
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Kyocera Professor of Ceramics
Optical materials science, including optical properties, electronic structure, and radiation durability of optical materials, polymers, ceramics and liquids using vacuum ultraviolet and optical spectroscopies and spectroscopic ellipsometry. Lifetime and degradation science of photovoltaic materials, components and systems including solar radiation durability and degradation mechanisms and rates. Quantum electrodynamics and van der Waals – London dispersion interactions applied to wetting, and long range interactions for manipulation of nanoscale objects such as carbon nanotubes and biomolecular materials.

Peter Lagerlof, PhD
(Case Western Reserve University)
Associate Professor
Mechanical properties of ceramics and metals. Of particular interest is to understand how low temperature deformation twinning is related to plastic deformation by dislocation slip at elevated temperatures. Deformation twinning models for both basal and rhombohedral twinning in sapphire, which are properly related to dislocation slip at elevated temperatures, have been established. The basal twinning model has been confirmed experimentally using TEM techniques. Current research involves studies on how to generalize this twinning model to other materials systems; i.e., metals, intermetallic compounds and other ceramics.

John J. Lewandowski, PhD
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering; Director, The Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC)
Mechanical behavior of materials; fracture and fatigue; micromechanisms of deformation and fracture; composite materials; bulk metallic glasses and composites; refractory metals; toughening of brittle materials; high-pressure deformation and fracture studies; hydrostatic extrusion; deformation processing.

David H. Matthiesen, PhD
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Associate Professor; Director, Wind Energy Research and Commercialization (WERC) Center
Materials for use in wind turbines; wind resource measurements onshore and offshore; materials interactions with ice; bulk crystal growth processing; process engineering in manufacturing; heat, mass, and momentum transport.

James D. McGuffin-Cawley, PhD
(Case Western Reserve University)
Arthur S. Holden Professor of Engineering
Powder processing of ceramics; manufacturing and materials; additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping; aggregation phenomena; defects, diffusion, and solid state reactions; materials for optical devices.

Alp Sehirlioglu, PhD
(University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Warren E. Rupp Assistant Professor
Energy conversion materials including piezoelectrics and thermoelectrics, high temperature applications, bulk and thin film electro-ceramics, epitaxial oxide thin films.

Gerhard E. Welsch, PhD
(Case Western Reserve University)
Metals and oxides; high temperature properties, mechanical and electrical properties. Materials for capacitive energy storage; metal sponges; high temperature materials, metal-cell composites. Synthesis of materials.

Matthew A. Willard, PhD
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Associate Professor; Director, Case Metals Casting Laboratory
Magnetic materials, including their magnetic properties, microstructure evolution, phase formation, and processing conditions; critical materials and sustainability, especially reducing dependence on rare earths through novel alloy design; rapid solidification processing of materials, with an emphasis on nanostructured and amorphous alloys; soft magnetic materials for power conditioning, conversion, and generation technologies and permanent magnet materials for motor, generator, and actuator applications (especially in energy dense applications and in extreme environments); other magnetic related phenomena, including magnetic shape memory alloys, magnetocaloric effects, magnetic nanoparticles, and multiferroics.

Secondary Faculty

Burda Clemens, PhD
Professor of Chemistry

Liming Dai, PhD
Kent Hale Smith Professor

Walter Lambrecht, PhD
Professor of Physics

Mohan Sankaran, PhD
Professor in Chemical Engineering

Nicole F. Steinmetz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Russell Wang, DDS
Associate Professor of Dentistry

Xiong (Bill) Yu, PhD, PE
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering