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Fischione NanoMill 1040


The Fischione NanoMill 1040 is a state-of-the-art TEM specimen preparation system that operates with an ultra-low energy ion source producing a concentrated ion beam. With this construction, it is possible to remove the amorphous or implanted layers that always form on TEM specimens prepared by conventional methods or a FIB (focused ion beam). Post processing and milling of conventionally-prepared specimens with the NanoMill can remove the amorphous layers and the corresponding speckled pattern that significantly disturbs high-resolution TEM images and produces a diffuse background in diffraction patterns. This is accomplished by a targeted milling process using ultra-low-energy gaseous ion source technology that results in ion energies as low as 50 eV and a beam size as small as 2 μm. The ion beam can be targeted to a specific area of interest. A secondary electron detector (SED) is used to image the specimen via ion-induced secondary electrons.