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FEI Helios Nanolab 650

The Helios NanoLab™ 650 features FEI’s highly engineered advances in field emission SEM (FESEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) technologies and their combined use. It is designed to access the world of extreme high resolution (XHR) 2D and 3D characterization, 3D NanoPrototyping (Nanobuilder), and high-quality sample preparation. Robust, precise FIB slicing, combined with a high precision (150 x 150 µm) piezo stage and superb SEM performance, allows automated software for unattended sample preparation or 3D characterization and analysis (“Slice and View”).  It is equipped with an OmniProbe micromanipulator for TEM sample preparation.  The instrument has superb imaging capabilities, providing sub-nanometer resolution acrsoss the whole 1-30 kV range. Its through-the-lens detector sets collection efficiency of both secondary electrons (SE) and on-axis backscattered electrons (BSE), and is complemented by two multi-segment solid state detectors, a detector for backscattered electron (BSE) imaging able to detect low kV BSE, a scanning transmission electron detector able to record simultaneously bright field (BF), dark field (DF) and high angle dark field images (HADF), and a third detector dedicated to FIB-SE and FIB-SI (secondary ion) imaging.

The Helios NanoLab allows focused ion beam technology and features excellent FIB imaging, outstanding low kV operation down to 500 V, and up to 65 nA beam current.

The system is equipped with a state-of-the-art XEDS Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) system by Oxford Instruments, with energy resolution of 125 eV for Mn Kα (5.899 keV). The extremely large active area significantly increases the collection solid angle, which results in a detector which performs measurements either more quickly than traditional systems, or at higher resolution. The increased sensitivity allows the system to operate at much lower beam currents or low accelerating voltage, which reduces the risk of sample damage.