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Gatan PIPS

PIPSTM is a user friendly bench top, precision ion polisher designed to produce high quality TEM specimens.  Ion polishing is done by two miniature Penning ion guns aimed at glancing incidence to the specimen (10° to -10° milling angles).  It has variable energy milling (down to 100eV), liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, and an oil-free vacuum system for ultra-clean specimen processing.  Low sputtering angles have the advantage of minimizing radiation damage and beam heating, while at the same time producing specimens having exceptionally large and clean electron transparent areas.

Specimen preparation times for dimpled specimens can vary from 0.5 to 2 hours, depending on the initial specimen thickness.  Specimens are mounted on the GATAN single side specimen post in order to minimize specimen contamination by secondary sputtering.  The specimen post also provides an excellent heat sink which prevents specimens from overheating the ion beam.