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Bruker 1D


Bruker Discover D8 Series II X-ray diffractometer 

The Bruker D8 Discover Series II X-ray diffractometer is equipped with a Göbel mirror specific to Cu Kα radiation.  This configuration yields near parallel illumination resulting in a reduction in displacement errors which are typically encountered in conventional parafocusing Bragg-Brentano geometries.  The instrument is equipped with a 0D NaI scintillation counter and a 1D Vantec PSD (position sensitive detector) solid state detector.  The 0D NaI detector is useful for carrying out high resolution diffraction studies such as rocking curve analysis on single crystals whereas the 1D PSD detector is beneficial for standard powder XRD analysis with fast acquisition times.  Fast acquisition times can be achieved with the PSD detector as it can be calibrated to collect up two a 12° window in 2Θ simultaneously.