Dr. Viswanath presents seminar for CWRU Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 16:39

On May 1, Dr. Satish Viswanath, lead faculty member of CCIPD, presented the seminar "Computational Imaging for AI-enabled ´╗┐Interventions in Oncology" for the Cancer Imaging Program, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Case Western Reserve University.

While disease detection and diagnosis utilize a variety of tests, interventional procedures in these patients (including therapeutic assessment and monitoring) are largely based on imaging alone. Developing artificial intelligence (AI) schemes to assist the clinician in this regard requires “unlocking” embedded information captured by different data modalities, such as by developing computational imaging features (termed “radiomic” features) together with histology or molecular data to improve tissue characterization and biological quantitation in vivo. The research in the Viswanath lab focuses on developing novel radiomics and machine learning tools for disease characterization, intervention planning and treatment evaluation. Specific problems addressed via the new quantitative imaging markers they have developed include: (a) predicting response to treatment to identify optimal therapeutic pathways, as well as (b) evaluating therapeutic response to guide follow-up procedures. His lab will further examine how to account for differences between sites, scanners and acquisition parameters on the performance of AI tools and radiomic features; crucial for wider clinical translation. These will be discussed in the context of clinical applications in colorectal, renal and prostate cancers

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