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Uday Hegde

Research Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Develops supercritical water oxidation technologies for waste management and water reclamation for extended duration space missions


Kojima, J. J., Hegde, U., Gotti, D., & Hicks, M. (2020). Flame structure of supercritical ethanol/water combustion in a co-flow air stream characterized by Raman chemical analysis. JOURNAL OF SUPERCRITICAL FLUIDS, 166 ().
Gordon, P., Gotti, D., Hegde, U., Hicks, M., Kulis, M., & Sivashinsky, G. (2015). An elementary model for autoignition of laminar jets. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES, 471 (2179), -.