Scientific Advisory Committee

Professor of Physical Chemistry
University of Leicester
Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents, Metal and Mineral processing


Associate Professor
University of Missouri
Deep eutectic solvents; Ionic liquids; Green nanochemistry; Metal nanoclusters; Carbon dots; Nanocatalysis; Fluorescence sensors


George E. Blomgren
Energizer Fellow
Energizer Corporation (Retired)
Energy storage and electrolytes


Professor of Chemistry
University of South Alabama
Organic synthesis and Ionic liquids, functionalized ionic liquids tailored for specific applications


Rangachary Mukundan
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fuel cells, electrochemical gas sensors, and energy storage devices


Lab Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Computation and theory of molecular interactions


UK Scientific & Technology Facilities Council
Microemulsions and small angle neutron scattering


Dean of Engineering and Professor of Engineering
University of Delaware
Design and synthesis of nanoscale materials for catalytic and energy storage applications