BEES 2020 Fall Seminar Series Kicks-off with “State of BEES” Address by Director Savinell

The BEES EFRC Student Research Organization (SRO) welcomed Dr. Robert Savinell, Director of the BEES EFRC, as the kick-off speaker for the BEES Fall Seminar Series.  Dr. Savinell talked about Breakthrough Electrolytes as structured fluids and how Thrust 1 is looking at Deep Eutectic Solvents and Thrust 2 is looking at micro-emulsions and NOHMS.    Dr. Savinell discussed the organization of the BEES EFRC and how the center interacts with the Department of Energy (DoE) to advance the state of knowledge in breakthrough electrolytes and their applications.  Student researchers asked questions of the Director to gain an understanding of how the research direction is decided and how the center was conceptualized and then proposed.  Dr. Savinell encouraged the students to take full advantage of the networking and research opportunities and experiences that are uniquely offered by being a part of a DoE EFRC.

Dr. Robert Savinell (upper left, clockwise), Dr. Clemens Burda, Dr. Mark Tuckerman, SRO Leader Jeffrey Klein