2024 BEES2 EFRC AHM Highlights


The 2024 BEES2 EFRC All-Hands Meeting took place on March 14th and 15th at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Over forty BEES members representing eight member universities participated in research updates, brainstorming sessions, center planning, and poster sessions.

The event was structured to hear updates from every lab involved in the BEES2 EFRC and included detailed presentations from Mark Tuckerman, Adam Imel, and Young Zhang. At the end of Day 1, twenty students and postdocs presented their research at an evening poster session to update other students and Key Researchers about the wide-ranging, yet integrative research within BEES2

The second day of the meeting featured three parallel sessions. These sessions were driven by questions and comments on the previous day’s research presentations. The final session included strategic planning discussions to set goals and action steps for the next year of BEES activities. The Center is excited to roll out new programs to support DEI initiatives and encourage stronger student collaborations. Through the 2024 All-Hands Meeting, BEES brought together a community of researchers to enhance its collaborative environment and share impactful experiences.