Squeeze Casting

Systematic experimental studies have been conducted on metal flow and heat transfer in the squeeze casting process. An integrated flow-heat transfer approach for the design of squeeze castings has been developed. The experimental work addresses die design and process optimization, including control parameters such as gate speed, shot velocity, pressure and its application time. Processing of metallic and particulate reinforced squeeze castings are being investigated, as well as their mechanical properties.


  • Squeeze casting of aluminum alloys (up to 10 pounds weight)
  • Squeeze casting of magnesium alloys
  • Squeeze casting of metal matrix composites
  • Computer modeling & process simulation
  • Mechanical property measurements
  • Temperature measurements in the die
  • Parametric studies of the process with Visi-Track
  • Infra-red measurements of die surfaces
  • Segregation analysis in the castings
  • Gating design studies
  • Education - Undergraduate and Graduate

Areas of Specialization

  • Process modeling and simulation of the metal flow and heat transfer in the squeeze casting process.
  • Measurement of metal temperatures along the casting process.
  • Experimental studies on relationship between the plunger speed, pressure, gating design and the quality of castings.
  • Segregation analysis of squeeze castings under various conditions.
  • Measurements of the mechanical properties of squeeze castings.


Typical Castings