Magnesium Processing and Reclamation

An industrial-scale 500 pound magnesium melting furnace has been used to recycle magnesium alloys. A detailed experimental study has been conducted on the processing characteristics of magnesium alloys. The research focused on improving the toughness of cast magnesium alloy products. A variety of methods for protecting the metal from oxidation during delivery to the shot sleeve have been tested and evaluated. Other areas being studied include alloy selection, grain refining, processing conditions, hot tearing and mechanical properties.


  • Alloy preparation
  • Alloy melting
  • Temperature measurements
  • Computer modeling & process simulation
  • Mechanical property measurements
  • Recycling of type I scrap
  • Grain refining
  • Degassing
  • Segregation analysis
  • Micro-porosity studies

Areas of Specialization

  • Sand casting of magnesium alloys
  • Permanent mold casting of magnesium alloys
  • Methods of protecting molten magnesium from oxidation during delivery
  • Squeeze casting of magnesium alloys
  • Recycling of magnesium Type I scrap
  • Measurements of the tensile and fatigue of magnesium alloys