Melting and Sand Casting

Melting and Sand Casting

Induction, resistance and gas furnaces for aluminum alloys, steels and cast iron, copper and magnesium ranging from a few grams to over one ton. Melting under air, vacuum and protective atmospheres. Mullers for green sand molds and mixers for no-bake sand molds. This equipment enables us to cast most alloys using various casting methods such as green sand, no-bake sand, permanent mold, centrifugal, investment and squeeze casting.


  • Induction, resistance and gas melting and casting of aluminum alloys
  • Degassing aluminum (Foseco rotary system)  
  • Measuring gas content in aluminum
  • Measuring metal cleanliness (Podfa-f)
  • Induction melting and casting of copper-based alloys
  • Induction melting and casting of steels in air
  • Induction melting and casting of steels under protective gas
  • Infra-red temperature measurements
  • Real time measurement of carbon equivalent (Electro-Nite)
  • Melting and casting of magnesium alloys
  • Recycling magnesium alloys
  • Education - Undergraduate and Graduate

Areas of Specialization

  • Evaluation of filter performance
  • Measurement of cooling curves in sand and permanent molds
  • Heat transfer studies
  • Melting of  ferrous scrap for yield determination
  • Recycling of type I and type II magnesium alloys
  • Sample cutting,  mechanical-chemical polishing of castings
  • Microstructure-processing studies