Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Major Declaration


We welcome all students who choose a major in
Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering!

To declare a major, students can pick up and fill out the major declaration form from the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears Building, room 340 or pint a PDF flie here.

Students can bring the form to EMAE Student Coordinator, Carla Wilson to Glennan Building, room 483 to get an advisor assigned and a signature from the academic representative. If no departmental representative is available, students will get an email informing them about the signed declaration.

Please note, the declaration is not official until one of the signed copies is submitted to the Office of Undergraduates Studies, Sears Building, room 340.

If you have any questions about declaring a major, please email Carla Wilson at or Ewa Malicki at

To read more about major declaration process, please visit Office of Undergraduate Studies website.