Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

EMAE Faculty Recent Publications


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October through December 2014


Dr. Akkus, OzanTenogenic Induction of Human MSCs by Anisotrpically Aligned Collagen Biotextiles

Dr. Akkus, Ozan, Molecular Spectroscopic Identification of the Water Compartments in Bone


Dr. Gurkan, UmutHeterogeneous Red Blood Cell Adhesion and Deformability in Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Gurkan, Umut, Micro and Nano-scale Technologies for Cell Mechanics


Dr. Lee, KijuOrigamiBot-I: A Thread-Actuated Origami Robot for Manipulation and Locomotion


Dr. Mansour, JosephTowards the Feasibility of Using Ultrasound to Determine Mechanical Properties of Tissues in a Bioreactor

Dr. Mansour, Joseph, Depth-Dependent Shear Behavior of Bovine Articular Cartilage: Relationship to Structure 

Dr. Mansour, Joseph, Determination of Poroelastic Properties of Cartilage Using Constrained Optimization Coupled with Finite Element Analysis.

Dr. Mansour, Joseph, Decidual GM-CSF May Be a Critical Common Intermediate Necessary for Thrombin and TNF Induced In-vitro Fetal Membrane Weakening.

Dr. Prahl, JosephFlow Distribution and Maximum Current Density Studies in Redox Flow Batteries with a Single Passage of the Serpentine Flow Channel


Dr. Rimnac, Clare, Editorial: Arthroplasty Devices: Registries and Beyond

Dr. Rimnac, ClareWhat Design and Material Factors Impact the Wear and Corrosion Performance in Total Elbow Arthroplasties?


Dr. T’ien, James, Thermal Response Characteristics of Fire Blanket Materials 

Dr. T'ien, James, Transient Numerical Modeling of Catalytic Channels Using a Quasi-Steady Gas Phase

Dr. T'ien, James, Self Induced Buoyant Blow off in Upward Flame Spread on Thin Solid Fuels