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2018-10-15 (All day)

We welcome prospective students to stop by our booth at the BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA to ask faculty “anything” about life & academics in the department of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University!

2018-10-11 (All day)

RSNA abstract “Novel Radiomic Descriptor of Tumor Vascular Morphology Identifies Responders to Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Pre-Treatment Breast MRI” in the “Medical Student” category, was selected to receive the RSNA Trainee Research Prize.

2018-09-24 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi lab to accelerate research in computational imaging, artificial intelligence and precision medicine.

2018-09-20 (All day)

Case Western Reserve researchers accurately predict how well body will fight lung cancer—based on patterns of immune cells

2018-09-20 (All day)

The six Case Western Reserve projects were selected for full program funding, which ranges from $50,000 to $200,000 each. Several additional pilot projects have or will be awarded funding by the end of the year. All projects are partnerships between a clinician and a biomedical engineer, and are focused on solving areas of unmet clinical need.

2018-09-20 (All day)

Ideastream health reporter Marlene Harris-Taylor will take viewers inside a lab at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center via a Facebook Live stream Friday, Sept. 21, at 10 a.m.

2018-09-12 (All day)

No. 1: Biomedical Engineering

2018-09-11 (All day)

Congratulations to Niha Beig and Nathaniel Braman, graduate students in the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, for winning the RSNA research trainee award.

2018-09-06 (All day)

US Patent 10,064,594 entitled "Characterizing disease and treatment response with quantitative vessel tortuosity radiomics".

2018-08-29 (All day)

In collaboration with the Foundation Fighting Blindness and Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, The Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals has announced three new scholars.