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2020-01-24 (All day)

Biomedical Engineering Research Assistant Professors Andrew Janowczyk, PhD and Cheng Lu, PhD presented at the PathLAKE Masterclass: Data Science for Computational Pathology in Warwick, England, January 20-24. Dr. Janowczyk and Dr. Lu are faculty of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics.

2020-01-13 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi believes artificial intelligence can quickly determine the best approaches to defeat cancer—and it also can spare patients the physical and financial pain of interventions unlikely to help them.

2020-01-08 (All day)


2020-01-03 (All day)

Radiomics has been shown to be important for prognostic and diagnostic applications, but what about predicting response to therapy? In fall 2019, seven patents were awarded to inventors in the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) and their collaborators for new radiomics to predict response and benefit of chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. 

2019-12-20 (All day)

A researcher from Case Western Reserve University has been awarded a grant to test if MRI-based biomarkers can improve how the field manages brain tumors.

2019-12-19 (All day)

Supported with three-year, $2.75 M grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

2019-11-07 (All day)

Researchers used Microsoft HoloLens to visualize, access pathways in human brain; project by Case Western Reserve’s Interactive Commons, School of Medicine, others

2019-11-04 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi directs the Center on Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics at Case Western Reserve University. There, he works closely with radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, clinicians and cardiologists to explore medical imaging applications of machine learning beyond diagnostics. Chief among them is using the technology to identify disease prognoses and predict responses to treatment.

2019-10-29 (All day)

Case Western Reserve digital-imaging lab advances understanding of which ‘stage 0’ patients are most likely to progress to advanced cancer and may benefit from additional therapy

2019-10-28 (All day)

Radiomics finds hidden features in imaging data.