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2019-10-16 (All day)

This special article collection features some of the latest oncology research published in Elsevier journals, including, "Radiomics and radiogenomics in lung cancer: A review for the clinician." by Case Western Reserve University Researchers.

2019-10-08 (All day)

Predictive analytics in medical imaging is set to have a big impact on cancer care too, says Anant Madabhushi, bioengineering researcher and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics at the Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University

2019-09-26 (All day)

How can big data improve cancer care? This topic will be addressed by Anant Madabhushi, PhD, of Case Western Reserve University, in his keynote lecture, “The Future of Imaging in Oncology” during Breakthrough: A Global Summit for Oncology Innovators in Bangkok. 

2019-09-11 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi was named to The Pathologist's Power List 2019, a list of 100 most inspiring professionals in pathology and laboratory medicine. 


2019-09-11 (All day)

Ahead of his presentation at the 6th Digital Pathology and AI Congress: Europe, we spoke to Andrew Janowczyk about his work creating scalable data analysis techniques to facilitate cancer research through the development of open-source Digital Pathology tools.

2019-09-09 (All day)

Patent US 10,398,399 entitled "Decision support for disease characterization and treatment response with disease and peri-disease radiomics" issued to the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) at Case Western Reserve University and collaborators from University Hospitals.

2019-09-06 (All day)

100 of the industry's trailblazers were recently named to The Pathologist's 2019 Power List following reader nominations and expert panel judging.

2019-08-29 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi, PhD, will discuss how the development of knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science has created opportunities to extract and combine information from imaging, pathology, laboratory medicine and genomics during his presentation, “Radio-Patho-Genomics: Computationally Integrated Disease Specific Features Across Scales.”

2019-08-29 (All day)

Session will focus on the integration of radiology, pathology and genomics in cancer diagnosis and care.

2019-08-28 (All day)

For his long-term commitment to teaching and mentoring students, and his signature work in those two primary areas of research, Durand, the  E.L. Linsedth Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neurosciences and director of the Neural Engineering Center, will be honored as a Distinguished University Professor during Fall Convocation today (Aug. 28) at Severance Hall.