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Frequently Asked Questions



Will co-op extend my graduation date?

Yes, co-op will most likely extend your graduation date by one semester for your first co-op and by one year for a second co-op. 

Can I participate in May commencement if I am graduating in December?

Yes, but you must meet with your dean in Undergraduate Studies for permission ahead of time. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

Do I pay tuition while on co-op?

No, but you are required to pay an administrative fee of $300 for your first co-op and $150 for additional co-ops. 

Does the income I earn on co-op count against my family income for financial aid?

No, co-op earnings are excluded from the analysis of the student’s contribution from income on the FAFSA and CSS Profile if reported correctly.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about completing your financial aid applications after completing a co-op experience.

Will I lose my financial aid and merit scholarship while I am on co-op?

No, merit scholarships are deferred until you return to campus for credit-bearing coursework.  Need-based aid is canceled for the term(s) of coop, and you apply for aid for the semesters of regular enrollment following the application requirements and deadlines listed at  No financial assistance from any source is available while on the co-op assignment.    

Do I have access to University Health and Counseling while on co-op?



Who is eligible to Co-Op?

Juniors and seniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher and who are in good academic standing and graduate students with a 2.7 GPA or higher and in good academic standing. Second semester second-year students can co-op with prior approval from the co-op director. 

What if I don't meet the co-op requirements. Can I still participate?

You can request an appeal by scheduling a meeting with the co-op director. 

International Students

Do international students need to fill out additional co-op paperwork?

Yes, you must meet with the co-op director prior to your co-op to fill out a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form. You must also participate in a CPT workshop hosted by International Student Services. 

What else should international students know when conducting a job search? 

Students on CPT do not require employer sponsorship.

You can work full-time for up to 12 months under CPT, and the amount of time for part-time CPT is unlimited.

Credit and Full-Time Student Status

Do I get course credit for co-op?

No, co-op is a zero credit course but does maintain your full-time student status. Proper course registration in SIS is required. 

What is the last day I can register for the co-op program?

The last day for co-op course registration is the last day of drop/add for spring, summer and fall semesters. 

Can I take classes while I am on co-op?

No. The co-op staff does not recommend taking classes so you can focus on your co-op. You can request an appeal by contacting the director of the co-op program in advance. 

What are my options for health insurance while on co-op?

If you are on a family health plan you can remain on that plan or you can opt into the CWRU Student Medical Plan for a fee. A form will be given to you to fill out during your co-op orientation. 

Campus Involvement

Can I work on campus while on co-op?

No, on-campus employment through the Office of Student Employment is not available because of your full-time employment status through the co-op program. You must notify your supervisor prior to beginning your co-op assignment that you will be unavailable for the next semester so that a replacement may be hired.  Upon return to campus at the conclusion of your co-op experience and registration for coursework, you may again work on campus through the Office of Student Employment. On-campus employment during a co-op assignment must be arranged through Kelly Services as a temporary employee. 216/368-4506 or Crawford Hall Room 320.  

Can I live on campus during my co-op?


Can I cancel campus housing while on co-op?

Yes, you just need to notify campus housing in advance.  

Can I participate in varsity athletics?

You are eligible to participate according to NCAA rules, but you must get permission from your coach and Pat Kennedy, Associate Athletic Director, before you can proceed.

Going Abroad While On Co-op

Do I need to register anything if I take a business trip abroad while on co-op?

Yes. Students travelling outside the US as part of their co-op experience need to register their travel with the Office of Education Abroad. You can register at this link.