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Engineer Your Talent Pipeline

Case Western Reserve University’s Engineering Co-op Program gives you the opportunity to employ some of the best and brightest collegiate talent available in Northeast Ohio. Students come to CWRU for a challenge, and anticipate a similar level of challenge during their co-op assignment.

To request resumes for applicants actively seeking co-op opportunities for the following semester, please fill out this brief Google Form to help us understand your candidate requirements.


A Snapshot of the CWRU School of Engineering

What is Cooperative Education (Co-op)?

Cooperative Education is a voluntary academic program that enables engeineering and computer science students to alternate classroom studies with career-based experiences in industry. For graduate students, the experience can be tied to their research thesis. Typical co-op work terms are Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall semesters. Students can complete 1, 2, or 3 co-ops! 

Benefits of Employing Co-op Students

Employer Benefits

Student Benefits

Meet, train, and assess potential future hires

Enhance classroom knowledge with real-world application

Employ some of the best and brightest collegiate talent available

Clarify academic and professional goals

Remain current with the latest developments in theory and method

Establish strong relationships with employers

Develop a partnership with Case Western Reserve University

Increase career possibilities at graduation

Benefit from the technical and creative contributions of a CWRU student

Gain new technical and professional skills

The CWRU Engineering Co-op staff strives to support mutually beneficial co-op relationships through training, monitoring, and follow-up of students:

  • All co-op students are eligible to work in the U.S., have received approval from their academic department, and meet the 2.5 GPA requirement.
  • Students are cleared to spend seven months in a full-time co-op. A seven-month co-op increases student productivity and contribution, and mitigates time and cost for training.
  • Co-op staff monitors student performance throughout the co-op experience to assure a successful partnership. We review student evaluations and corporate feedback to help evolve the program as industry expectations continue to change. 

Employer Eligibility 

  • Create a specific job description to post in Handshake (recommended)
  • Provide on the job mentorship and technical support
  • Assign projects involving engineering skills and critical thinking
  • Fill out student evaluations - midterm and final
  • Typical co-op salary is about 2/3 an entry-level salary for undergraduates, more for graduate students

Get Involved on Campus

Interested in becoming a CWRU Engineering Co-op partner? Call us at 216.368.5119 for a conversation about the program and how we can work together to provide a learning experience that will be meaningful and valuable to our students—and to your organization. We’ll give you suggestions for what constitutes a good co-op experience. If we agree that your situation is a good fit, we can approve you as a co-op partner in that same call.

  • Find the best talent on campus by posting open positions in Handshake. More information about using Handshake can be found here.
  • Conduct on-campus interviews
    • Call 216.368.5119 to reserve a room
    • Before you conclude the interview, let the student know when they can expect to hear from you regarding their status.
  • Attend the University Career Fairs (February and October) - click here for more information and registration details 
  • Get involved with co-op workshops and meet & greets
  • Receive co-op resume books to learn about students actively looking for co-op positions
  • Participate in class projects

Recommended Recruitment Schedule

The co-op program is aligned with the schedule of the academic year. Employers can increase their chances of hiring a student when the academic calendar and company recruiting plans coincide.

Spring Recruiting

Fall Recruiting



Early January


Register for Career Fair

Return to campus from break

Early & mid-January

August & September

Post co-op positions in Handshake, RSVP for information sessions, and register for on-campus interviews

Prepare resumes, attend workshops, start applying for co-op positions

Early February

Early October

Participate in recruiting events including: employer info sessions, Career Fairs, Engineering Employer Meet & Greets, and on-campus interviews

Submit finalized resumes to the Co-op Office for delivery to employers, attend the Career Fair, and participate in on-campus recruiting events

Mid-February & March

October & November

Interview students, extend offers for co-op positions

Interview for co-ops, accept offers, finalize plans for the following semester

April & early May

Early & mid-December

Prepare for new co-op student

Finish classes, complete finals, and move off campus for break


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