Networking and Distributed Systems

The Internet has become a routine part of our daily lives and a critical component of national infrastructure. Internet performance, scalability and resilience to failure directly affect our quality of life as well as myriad unseen applications that quietly keep the modern society going. The list of vital societal functions, including telecommuting, supply management, industrial applications and smart power grids, that rely on the Internet is endless.

Our research addresses broad aspects of computer networks and distributed systems that affect the quality of the Internet, including wireless networks, real-time communication, cloud computing and more. Some of our research formulates basic principles for designing efficient, resilient, and secure networks and networked systems. Our other efforts are devoted to uncovering “pain points” that throttle progress of the Internet and inventing technologies that remove or mitigate these obstacles.  

Faculty who conduct research in Networking and Distributed Systems

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Vipin Chaudhary

Department Chair, Computer and Data Sciences Department
Kevin J. Kranzusch Professor
Professor, Computer and Data Sciences Department

High Performance Computing and Applications to Science, Engineering, Biology, and Medicine; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Science; Computer Assisted Diagnosis and Interventions; Medical Image Processing; Computer Architecture; Quantum Computing.

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Vincenzo Liberatore

Associate Professor, Computer and Data Sciences Department

Conducts research in real-time sensor-actuator networks, and develops electricity market simulators for educational workshops

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Andy Podgurski

Professor, Computer and Data Sciences Department

Develops techniques to assess and improve the reliability and securty of software systems and applications

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Michael Rabinovich

Professor, Computer and Data Sciences Department

Investigates solutions to improve Internet performance, scalability and security

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An Wang

Assistant Professor, Computer and Data Sciences Department

Security and Privacy